Policy and Procedures

Equal employment opportunity policy
​Says our inception and long before it became the law of the land it was an is the practice of the company to provide equal opportunity employment opportunities to all employees and job applicants, well without regard to race, sex, age, color, marital status, religion, veteran status, disability, national origin, or other protected classes as provided by applicable law.

You will be offered assignments based on availability as well as your experience and skills. Usually, you will know about assignments in advance. Some opportunities, however, start right away. When you accept an assignment, write down all important information so you will be prepared for a good start.

Assignment procedures
​As a NUERA Staffing Partners LLC employee, you have the flexibility to accept or decline any assignment.​
You are expected to complete all assignments you accept.​
Please call to verify every shift 4 hours before the shift this eliminates scheduling and cancellation errors.​
All facilities have 2 hours cancellation policy.​
always carry employee license / certificate, CPR card and other credentials, including name badge, to every shift.

If you are unable to report to work or complete assignments for any reason, such as illness, emergency or etc., please immediately notify your staffing partner supervisor, not the client, for us to obtain a replacement. You must speak directly with the NU-ERA Staffing Partners era staffing partners supervisor. Never leave a message. You must give 24-hour notice if you intend to call off any accepted shift. Documentation, such as a physician’s release, must be brought to the staffing office for your personnel file.

If you get lost going to an assignment, contact the staffing partners immediately so we can direct you to the facility.

Policy and Procedures
Points to remember​
Always arrive 15 minutes early for every shift. You must show your professionalism and commitment to quality performance.​
Dress appropriately for the assignment. Your recruit manager will outline the clients dress codes and another important rule concerning smoking breaks and more.​
If an employee encounters are problem at a facility our office should be contacted immediately. Do not take matters into your own hands. Doing so resulted in being placed on last call!​
Direct all incoming personal calls to the staffing office, and we will pass the message on to you. Clients phone should not be used or to make or receive calls.​
If you desire a full-time position, or offered one while on an assignment, let us know immediately.

Time sheets and Paychecks

As a Nu-Era Staffing Partners, employee, you are paid for the hours you work on your assignment. The pay rate is determined before you begin the assignment and can vary from one assignment to the next. We regularly review your performance and pay status. We also take care of all state and federally required payroll deductions an unemployment insurance and we met so security contributions and provide workman’s compensation insurance.

Beginning of a shift use a new timesheet for every assignment you work. Fill in all information using a ballpoint pen and press firmly on all copies and make sure that it is legible. At the end of each assignment, both you and the client supervisor must sign the timesheet. Then leave the client’s copy with the client company supervisor, and keep the employees copy for your files. Without a sign and approve time, you cannot be paid. There are no exceptions.
Paychecks maybe picked up, mailed at your request or deposited directly into your account. 100% weekly pay available every Wednesday the correct taxes deducted.

How you are paid​
You should fax or email your completed time sheets per instructions of the staffing partners supervisors. Failure to do so may result in being paid later than you normally would.​
Overtime always clear any overtime in advance with your staffing partners supervisor.

Instructions for filling out timesheet​
Please fill out the top portion of time sheet completely, with the name, facility name, and supervisor.​
The facility and the staffing partners must approve overtime over 40 hours doing this period.​
Fill in incorrect dates worked in the far-left column of the timesheet.​
Round all times to the closest quarter hour period example if you come in at 8:07 please round your time down to 8 AM or if you come in at 8:08 round your time up to 8:15.​
Enter time taken for lunch in the appropriate column and be sure to subtract that time for your regular hours worked (time in and time out columns)​
You must sign the timesheet where it says employee signature, and your clients company supervisor must sign where it says client signature before we turn it into our office for payroll​
timeslip fraud is not tolerated by the staffing partners and any employee that is found guilty will be prosecuted.

Our customers cost​
our customers are charged an hourly rate that is more than your hourly pay rate that is because our billing rates include the additional cost of selection and administration employers’ contributions for security unemployment taxes at Workman compensation insurance and profit.

Standard of conduct
NU-ERA Staffing Partners has established workplace standards of performance in conduct as a means of maintaining a productive and cohesive working environment. A positive, progressive approach is taking too solve discipline problems, which appeals to an employee’s self-respect, rather than create the fear of losing a job. Our system emphasizes correction of offensive behavior. If correction of the problem and sustained improvement does not occur, may result in termination

Disciplinary action​
The following may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination.​
Accepting an assignment and not reporting to work or not notifying us​
unauthorized possession, use, or remove all property belonging to new era staffing partners or any client of new era staffing partners.​
Failure to comply with all safety rules and regulations, including the failure to wear safety equipment when instructed.​
Reporting to work under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or in possession of either item on company’s premises or worksites of clients or companies.​
Unacceptable behaviors, possession of weapons or explosive and provoking, instigating, are participating in a fight are prohibited at NU-ERA Staffing Partners era staffing partners and all client locations​
Failure to call NU-ERA Staffing Partners era staffing partners when an assignment is ended prior to the end of your shift​
violation of harassment policy​
insubordination, for example refusal to carry out your supervisor’s reasonable work request​
leaving an assignment without notice. Patient or assignment abandonment.​
Also buy records Cortana including but not limited to tie records, claims pertaining to injuries occur in on the company premises or work size of client companies or personnel records​
Disclosing confidential information without authorization​
disregard for Established policies and procedures.​
excessive Cancellations or tardiness.​ Discourtesy to​
clients or fellow employees.

Safety policies and procedures
we want you to know that NU-ERA Staffing Partners is concerned that each employee has a safe place in which to work we have reviewed that subject with the clients to which you will be. If you have concerns regarding the safety add your assignment, call your NU-ERA Staffing Partners supervisor immediately be assured that we will address your concerns with our clients.​
As an employee of NU-ERA Staffing Partners , You will be covered for injuries that you sick stained on the job by our Workman compensation insurance period please make sure you understand how the claim process works, in case you should suffer an injury the most important point is to make sure you immediately report all injuries to your on-site supervisor and your NU-ERA Staffing Partners supervisor camera no matter how small they may seem period or red report is required within 24 hours of the incident.​
We have identified important NU-ERA Staffing Partners policies so you will know some of our Important requirements.​
Do not operate any machinery or equipment without having written permission from NU-ERA Staffing Partners .​
You not accept duties that required the regular handling of money or other valuables without​
NU-ERA Staffing Partners written permission. This is for your own protection.​
Your NU-ERA Staffing Partners supervisor has provided you with detailed descriptions of what your expected job duties. If you are asked to perform duties other than described contact your NU-ERA Staffing Partners supervisor immediately.​
Safety is very important to us. You are required to comply with all safety regulations and safety rules at your assignment site come in addition to complying with general safety rules. Serious safe stations will be treated harshly, and you could be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Safety Rules
Know your job duties and safety procedures. If not sure, ask your on-site supervisor.​
Report to work in a fit condition, ready to perform your job.​
Report unsafe conditions immediately to your own site supervisor. Report all accidents to your own site supervisor, no matter how small.​
Keep your mind and attention on what you are doing.​
Do not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs prior to a while working. The client will provide site specific information such as hazardous communication, lockout, tag, out, emergency evacuation, location of material safety data sheets another safe work practices as they applied to your assignment.

Statement of confidentiality
Our company acknowledges patient’s rights, within the law, to ensure confidentiality and information privacy. As an employee and representative out the company acknowledged responsibility to save card information designed as personal, medical, or confidential with respect to both legal and ethical considerations.​
the company expressly forbids an authorized discrimination, use or review a personal information, medical or otherwise. I understand that I will, at times, have access to patient information and then I am always expected to adhere to this statement.​
Statement of employability /background check​
I have been informed but this company will perform a criminal background check in my name. I have informed the company of all names IE made an alias that I am currently using or have used within the last 7 years. I understand that I am being employed on a progression air probationary basis and then my employment is temporarily pending the results of the background check. I have not been convicted of criminal homicide kidnapping boss imprisonment, indecency with a child, arson or patient abuse child abuse, robbery aggravated robbery. I understand that if I am found to have been convicted of any criminal offenses that these are fences may also borrow my employment.

Policy on hepatitis B vaccination
The following guidelines are based on OSHA requirements. The source use was the 29 CFR space part 1910. 1030, Occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens: final rule.​
NU-ERA Staffing Partners will make available the hepatitis B vaccination series to all employees who have occupational exposure. They will also offer post exposure evaluation and follow up to all employees who have an exposure incident.​
NU-ERA Staffing Partners should ensure that all medical evaluations and procedures including the hepatitis B vaccination series, post exposure evaluation, and follow up including prophylaxis, are:​
Made available at no cost to the employee.​
Made available to employees at a reasonable time and place.​
Performed by or under the supervision of another licensed health care professional.​
Provided accordingly to recommendations of the US public health services the training required within 10 working days of initial assignment to all employees who have occupational exposure Unless one of the following supplies​
The employee has received the training required within 10 working days of initial assignment to all employees who have occupational exposure unless one of the following applies the employee has previously received the complete hepatitis B vaccination series antibodies testing has rebuild that the employee is immune. The vaccine is contraindicated for medical reasons​
Participation in their prescreening program is not a prerequisite for receiving the hepatitis B vaccination series.​

It the employee initially declines the hepatitis B vaccination series, but later common while still covered under the standard decides to accept the vaccination series, the employees should make available that happen vaccination series at that time.​
Era staffing partners shell assured that employees, who declined to accept the hepatitis B vaccination series offered by the employer sign a written statement.​
If the US Department of public health services camera recommends a routine booster doses of hepatitis B vaccine at a future date, such booster doses will be made available by NU-ERA Staffing Partners.