Why Work For Us

Healthcare Providers: Why Work for us?

Nu Era Staffing is a premier staffing agency committed to providing quality, caring, safe patient
care by attracting and maintaining a network of highly skilled professionals. To meet the unique
needs of our healthcare partners, we are seeking Nursing and other Allied Health professionals:

●Nurse Practitioners
●Home-Care Physicians
●Home-Health Aides

Allied Health
●Emergency Medical Personnel
●Imaging Professionals
●Lab Professionals
●Mental Health Techs
●Medical Assistants
●Physician Assistants
●Surgical Techs
Medical Clerical
●Medical Office/Clerical Support

Nu era staffing values it’s associates and strives to ensure your satisfaction. We promise to
support our caregivers in a nurturing, family like atmosphere with exceptional benefits. Our goal
is to ensure an environment that promotes personal and professional growth with educational and
other character-building opportunities. Located in Lansing Illinois, we serve local and
surrounding hospitals, long term care facilities, urgent-care, psychiatric and health care clinics.

Nu Era Staffing Partners, LLC offers our associates the following:
●Per Diem Nursing
●Per Diem Allied
●Local Contracts
●Exclusive Facilities (Illinois (Chicago & Suburbs) Indiana)
●Traveling assignments nationwide
●Flexible Schedule
●Premium Pay Rates

●Earned Vacation Hours
●Liability and Workers’ Compensation Coverage
●Quarterly Work Incentive Bonus Plan
●Direct Deposit
●Daily Pay
●Paid Orientations
●RN Referral Bonus
●ACLS /BLS ( assistant )
●Mileage Reimbursement

Nu Era Benefits – explained

Premium Pay Rates​
RNs earn up to $55.00 per hour. Our pay rates are some of the best in the industry and we are happy to share them
with you – just give us a call! ​

Liability Insurance​
While working for Nu Era Staffing Partners you will be covered by our liability insurance provider.​

Workers Compensation​
All employees are covered under our workers compensation policy. If you are injured while working for Nu Era
Staffing Partners simply go to the hospital’s employee health department and complete the necessary forms. All
bills will be paid for by Nu Era Staffing.​

RN Referral Bonus Plan​
Our current RNs are our best source of referrals and we want to reward both you and your referrals for helping meet
the needs of our busy hospitals. Earn up to $500 for each RN you refer!​

Direct Deposit ​
Employees may choose to have their pay checks sent directly to their bank account(s) every week. All employees
are immediately eligible for this benefit upon working their first shift. ​

View My Paycheck​
Intuit’s View My Paycheck makes it easy for employees to have 24/7 online access to paycheck and W-2 info.
Employees can simply sign in to their ViewMyPaycheck account and see any current or prior pay stubs and W-2
documents. Your will need your social security number and the amount of your most recent net pay in order to
create a log in for the site.​

Paid Orientations​

Many hospitals now require an orientation. Nu Era Staffing Partners will compensate you for the time you spend
orienting to new facilities. You will be paid 1/2 the day shift rate for your specialty per hour after you work
your first shift at the facility.

HEALTHCARE PARTNERS: Why work with us?

At Nu Era Staffing our vision is to become your trusted partner, by providing an unparalleled
compassionate experience. With the patient at heart, our mission is to provide an innovative
staffing solution that provides highly skilled professionals to meet your unique needs.

Understanding the daily challenges of providing safe staffing, we are committed to matching
high quality, thoroughly screened, reliable caregivers. As an extension of your staffing office we
are available 24/7 providing flexible schedules that can adjust to your constant scheduling and
census changes. As your staffing partner we are here to alleviate stress by ensuring we
understand the mission, values and goals of your organization to meet your needs and

The Founders of Nu Era Staffing have over fifty years of combined nursing, healthcare and
staffing experience. As your premier supplemental staffing agency, we promise to provide fair
bill rates with an experience that is courteous, reliable, and timely.

Nu Era Staffing Partners, LLC was started with the patient at heart. Founders Gena White CEO,
and Latoya Newman CFO came to together with a mutual goal, to assist their local health care
partners with safe staffing to promote safe patient care. Nu era promises to meet your unique
needs with innovative staffing solutions. In an effort to be a staffing agency you trust, we offer
our healthcare partners; 24/7 trusted professional service available via text (app), fax, email or
directly calling. As well as a wide variety of highly skilled healthcare providers, with fair billing.

Other benefits included:
●24/7 accessibility
●Highly skilled caregivers
●Background checks/ Drug Screening
●Contract discounts
●Discounts on paid invoices within 10days.
●HIPPA, Social Media and other policy to protect your organization and our staff.
●Temp to Permanently

●Buddy system to prevent burnout

Fair billing practices: Often agencies will raise your bill rates just when your needs are the
greatest and you are desperate for their help. We guarantee that you will not receive one bill rate
increase during the duration of our one-year contract.